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Huakaʻi Iki ~ The Little Hiking Adventure

Quick Details

Makua (Adult)
Keiki (Nui Hike) Ages 10-12 (No children under 10)

Hiking Tours on the Best Little Trail on Oahu

The “Iki” starts off with a 7-mile off-road ride to the trailhead and continues with a hike through natural beauty. Hikers will scale windswept ridges, cross freshwater streams, and trek through rich tropical valleys. See wild bananas, guava, bamboo thickets, scented gingers, and other spectacular rainforest plants. Revel in Hawaiʻi’s fascinating history, culture, and ancient mythology as shared by an expert Hawaiian guide. If that’s not enough, how about a rejuvenating swim in a private mountain pool? End your hike with a light gourmet lunch. You’ll smile all the way home. This is the best little trail on the island and the perfect way to experience Oʻahu.