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Pua’a ʻĀhiu ~ Wild Boar Off-Road Expedition

Quick Details

Makua (Adult)
Keiki (4x4) Ages 6-12 ( No children under 6)

Explore Off-Road Trails on Our Pinzgauer Tours of Hawaii!

On this one-of-a-kind 4×4 adventure – scramble up steep ridgelines, negotiate muddy trails, & tackle Hawaiian style moguls in an ex-military Pinzgauer all-terrain vehicle.  This “hike on wheels” allows guests to interact with the great outdoors from the comfort of a high-stanced, open-air 4-wheeler while learning about Oʻahu’s unique natural environment from an expert local guide.  Guests will enjoy spectacular panoramic views of verdant mountain peaks, windswept coastlines, and lush water-filled valleys from secluded lookout points.  Ramble through fruit orchards and even pick seasonal wild fruit!  And if that’s not awesome enough, how about a refreshing swim in a secluded freshwater pool?  That’s right, this tour also treks into the ancient valley of Anahulu to visit one of the island’s longest and most iconic rivers.  This off-road adventure truly has it all and is hands down the best 4×4 tour on Oʻahu!  So hold on tight, laugh, gaze, & swim, this will be an adventure you won’t want to miss.