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Manakuke – Mongoose ATV

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Additional Information:

Drivers may be liable for any damages to ATVs if damage is caused by negligence or recklessness.

Makua (Adult) Ages 18+

Enjoy the Ride on a Fully Electric ATV Tour of Oahu, Hawaii!

Experience the future of off-roading today on a Mongoose ATV!  You’ve never ridden anything like this before. Our Mongoose ATVs are Israeli-made EZRAIDERS – fully electric, solo-rider ATVs that excite the senses.  Take a trip into the surreal as your electric ATV effortlessly zig zags across the terrain as stealthily as a mongoose.

Ride standing up and pick in-season fruit directly from your ATV or sit down, relax, and enjoy the ride.  Lean into those turns and feel the rush of the wind as you grip around corners and climb red dirt hills.  Take in beautiful panoramic views of the Waiʻanae mountains and Waialua coastline.  Explore the upper agricultural lands of the North Shore on private trails and farm roads.  You’re in good hands as your expert guide demonstrates safe riding techniques and shares fascinating information about the sites, plants, and views along the way.